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Job Hunting & Fundraising The Day The Cat Died – Just call me “SuperWoman”

Welcome to my world. It's a pretty much a crazy ride every day; 3 kids, Rock Star boyfriend, Uber-Talented Arts Professional - stuck in a small town and trying to move upward.


So who am I? I have spent years learning who I am, and who I am not and learning to like myself. Which I do. I can look in the mirror and know I do my best. I'm not perfect and I have come to accept those flaws and even be grateful for them, after all, they are what make me "me".

So, really, who am I? I am SUPERWOMAN... seriously! No joke - well at least that's what my friends say. Currently I work from home with many talents under my belt - graphic design, photography, marketing. I make money by the previous 3, consulting and for-hire. I work in the community to try to stimulate local arts, pretty much for free. I've been divorced since 2010 which makes me a single working parent. My oldest (teen) struggles with an anxiety and self image, my middle is just all boy and my youngest is preparing to rule the world (serious about this too!)  I grew up in a small town, moved out when I was 18 and came back home during the divorce. Extreme culture shock. It's such a beautiful area but an oddly unique community. One which I'm slowly choking on creatively... I'll go more into that another time. Let's just say for now, for me, there are almost zero work opportunities within a 20 mile radius.

I'm actively job hunting for the next amazing opportunity. I enjoy challenges and I enjoy being a part of an establishment. I have some excellent prospects. Looking at what was actually out there in the job market got me very excited. With each application I submitted, I envision a new life. Waiting is TORTURE because any one of them will drastically change our lives here... I WELCOME that change, but an anxious to know what it will be already. Anyway, it seems the new thing these days is to have phone interviews... which is kind of odd to me and a little disappointing because I feel my strength is in my interpersonal interactions. Truth is I haven't interview for too many jobs in my life. I've often been offered employment by assimilation.  I'll just use it as an opportunity to learn yet another skill. Selling myself via phone.... sigh... well, wish me luck friends.... This girl and her brain need to WORK!

And if job hunting wasn't enough, I am working every day on fundraising for a little project called "WaterFire". Yikes, did I say "LITTLE"? It's a multi-million dollar, multi-layer, creative placemaking arts installation I am trying to get my my little 'ol town and my little 'ol river... I'll have to go into that more too. . ALL VIBES OUT TO THE UNIVERSE... Can you HEAR ME UNIVERSE?? HEAR ME ROAR! Give me a job or bring me some investors for WaterFire so I can have the opportunity to work on that project full time! I'm completely open. Job or $200K, no biggie.  (oh and universe, while I'm putting it out there, I need a good deal on a new car. Thanks!)

So as to my blog title.... in the midst of networking, emailing, resume editing and  winter reorganization of my home office.. my kids lost their first pet. Poor Spooky. Rest in peace kitty. My kids dad (the "ex")  had to put his cat to sleep today.  She was 20 years old and lived with him, she came with him to the marriage. She never did like me even though I always kept trying to be nice to her. Truth is, she scared me. She would sit on her perch near the washing machine and I would admittingly do my laundry as fast as possible to avoid being attacked. "Nice Spooky, I'm just doing my laundry Spooky... " I'd avoid eye contact in hopes that she wouldn't notice me. It worked. Anyway, 20 years is a long life. The kids knew her since they were born. And though once a very viscous kitty (she's killed a lot of animals and nearly tore off my dogs ear) she mellowed out in her older age and my kids got to really bond with her on their visits with their dad.  I brought them to say good bye to her. It was one of the most awful and gut-wrenching experiences in my life. I pet Spooky goodbye (first time in 10 years I even got close to her!) but she was barely there. I left in tears too.

So, it's been a little rough around here the past few days. "SuperWoman" is not only trying to find a new location to bring home the bacon from, but also on top of normal daily insanity, I have to be a grief counselor. I swear, I should add all my parenting skills and experience to my resume. I wonder what the hiring managers would think?



JOB TITLE: Parent, April 2002, Telecommutes, travels, works on site

A proactive team leader in charge of a family organization with special skills in social psychology, developmental psychology, negotiating, peacemaking, strategic relationship building, building self esteem, task organizing, money management, research & project organizing, cooking, organizational expert, multiple deadlines and meets requirements to be in many locations at one time on time.

Weakness: never seems to meet the expectations of the junior members, fails to always have junk food on hand and often is seen to be unfair, particularly in the areas of task assignments. Refuses to pay fees upfront and is told to have too high of standards. Also, often perceived to unfairly remove electronic equipment when junior members do not meet expectations.

Hmmm.... I could go on.  I may fine tune this yet.


But for now, SuperWoman needs to launder her cape and rest for tomorrow's adventures. Children are tucked in, all reading quietly, lights will soon be out. I'm going to go read a book while waiting for my sweetheart to call me when he gets homes from work.  It's a good routine. 😉

Good night for now.



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