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Diane Tucci

I began my photography and design career as a child. My father was a professional photographer with a home darkroom and lots of "hi-tech" computers. Growing up with both influences and knowledge led me to a natural progression into a career in both photography and graphic design, as well as web design. Ok, so I used to take a lot of pictures of bands and one day a band manager asked me if I was interested in working in a print shop. And from there I started designed band flyers and cassette inserts (remember those?!) along with photographing many of the local bands. Since then I have freelanced for many publications including Good Times Magazine, The Angle, The Suffolk Times, The News Review and the Riverhead Patch. Early on, I also worked in the art departments of a few different types of printing companies. I worked as a print estimator for several years. This fortified my printing knowledge and provided me with vast resources. In addition, I  have worked as art director and marketing manager for many large companies and musicians. The most famous being Al DiMeola, jazz musician. I did all his marketing and design work.  I have provided artistic services to clients such as Bennigans, Sears, MinWax and many more. I have worked with many smaller businesses as well.  I take pride in taking my time to understand a clients needs and in finding the right people for the job. When a client says "I have an idea." I say, "I'm listening!" I truly love what I do and I enjoy working with people and working for perfection. I believe it shows in my work. To my long time clients, I thank you, to my new clients, I welcome you and to my potential clients, try me out! I have designed this site to bring you the talents of people I have chosen to work with and to bring some other cool ideas to you. I hope you enjoy your visit here. 🙂

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